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We have over 35 years experience providing tailored solutions to international businesses and financial institutions, funds, HNW individuals and intermediaries.
Through our relationship
with Harneys law firm
we provide you with
instant access to the best
legal advice available.
We are a leader in our industry
with a growing international footprint.
Our promise
is client
service which
is supportive,
and focussed
on delivering
We have genuine
demonstrable expertise
in BVI and Cayman
corporate and trust
structures and
their administration.
We recognise and embrace the need to work with other professional advisers.

What We Do

Harneys Services delivers a full complement of corporate, trust and fiduciary services in the British Virgin Islands and the Cayman Islands.

BVI & Cayman Companies

Harneys has a dedicated company formation team specialising in the incorporation of British Virgin Islands and Cayman Islands companies, and we are prepared to meet our clients' needs quickly and without compromise.
People think of Harneys when they think of the BVI.
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Trusts & Funds

Harneys Services holds a British Virgin Islands Class 1 Trust Licence and offers a broad range of trust services. We also provide formation services for a full range of offshore investment vehicles.

Private Client

Harneys Services provides both corporate and individual director services to BVI companies by utilizing the expertise of its highly trained and experienced staff. Other services include accounting & book keeping, liquidation services and safe-keeping.
We very much appreciate the entrepreneurial view which Harneys take when working with clients and providing informal technical support.
Simon J Evans
Nean Wealth Advisors (UK) Ltd.
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